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The 2022 agenda has been released!

Meet the speakers from Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Aromyx, Firmenich, Citromax, The FCA, The NPD Group, Orchidia Fragrances, Flavorchem, and more!

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Mark Chandler - Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Mark Chandler

President of ACT Solutions Corp & current SCC National Vice President at Society of Cosmetic Chemists
Dr. Stephanie Hunter - Monell Chemical Senses Center

Dr. Stephanie Hunter

Post-Doctoral Fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center
Amanda Nguyen - Fragrance Creators Association

Amanda Nguyen

Vice President, Government Affairs & Legal at Fragrance Creators Association
Darci Ferrer - Fragrance Creators Association

Darci Ferrer

Chief Scientist at Fragrance Creators Association
Elise Kern - Aromyx

Elise Kern

SVP of Data and Insights at Aromyx
Martina Bianchini - IFRA

Martina Bianchini

President at IFRA
Mikel Cirkus - Firmenich

Mikel Cirkus

Global Creative Director, Taste & Beyond at Firmenich
Rebecca Shurhay  - Flavorchem

Rebecca Shurhay

Marketing Analyst at Flavorchem
John E. Hayes, Ph.D. - Pennsylvania State University

John E. Hayes, Ph.D.

Professor of Food Science, Director, Sensory Evaluation Center at Pennsylvania State University
Kathy LaVanier - National Candle Association

Kathy LaVanier

Vice President and Media Spokesperson at National Candle Association
Nicole Parisi - Orchidia Fragrances

Nicole Parisi

Fragrance Marketing Specialist at Orchidia Fragrances
Eric Dowd - Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Eric Dowd

Sr. Manager Flavor/Mint Science at Mars Wrigley Confectionery
Jackie Wenskus - The NPD Group

Jackie Wenskus

Director and Fragrance Category Analyst at The NPD Group
Kurt Nordman - Citromax

Kurt Nordman

Director, Citrus Ingredients and Specialties at Citromax