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Networking Lunch
Session VIII: Sustainability within flavors and fragrance
CBD trends in flavors and fragrances
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Panel: Balancing reaching the consumer’s need for transparency
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“Shopper demand for transparency, which only seems to be getting stronger, is fed by the plethora of information available at a consumers' fingertips.” Consumer need for complete transparency is not just in their foods and packaging choices – it has extended to every product they could possibly need or spend money on. How transparent can you be?

While natural ingredients have been used by perfumers since the origins of perfumery, and their benefits often documented in aromatherapy bibliography, there has been little science-based research to assess their objective sensorial, psychological and physical benefits. This session will present how a combination of data science, neuroscience and other techniques unveils the full power of natural ingredients for perfumery creation beyond hedonics, for holistic wellness, from memory to sleep improvement as well as cosmetic benefits.
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Panel: Flavors and Fragrances: working in harmony to achieve leaps and bounds in the future
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Sustainability continues to be among the top concerns in the fragrance industry. From sourcing to formulation to packaging, there are many factors for companies to keep top of mind while setting revised sustainability goals or prior to launching the latest collection.
Improving Sleep with Scent